Movement and Stillness Workshop

I have a workshop I teach with my colleague Ruth Silva coming up on Sunday Nov. 4 called “Movement and Stillness:  SomaYoga and Yin” which goes from 1:30-3:30 in the afternoon at Tula Yoga and Wellness.  This post is for anybody intrigued enough by the title to consider going as well as for those who have signed up and would be aided by some additional context in the form of helpful tips.

  • The workshop is two hours with a ten minute break in between.  The first half is SomaYoga led by me. The second half is Yin led by Ruth.
  • The overarching purpose of the workshop is to build awareness of the relationship between your muscles and the network of fascia and connective tissue throughout your body in order to bring them into alignment with each other.
  • Approach the workshop as an invitation to discovery more than as an information session.  Allow yourself to be surprised and cultivate a sense of inward mystery.
  • These are both very meditative practices.  “Movement” and “stillness” serve as guides to focus your mind.  A still mind notices that nothing is ever still so it starts to see patterns and flows which often appear as big, small, and medium sized discoveries.  This is what we cultivate.
  • Another guide for the mind during the course of this workshop is having a notion of wholeness, that you are whole and alert to the present experience.  Dispel notions of perfection or that the pose is the thing because that can get in the way of experiencing the present.


Ruth and I will be talking quite a bit throughout as this is a guided practice but we will give time to reflect throughout as well.  Don’t expect to get everything and don’t even try.  Our words are there to point your mind to particular things and are really meant to guide as much as be apprehended.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to see some or all of you there.You can register for Movement and Stillness on the Tula website at the link below.

M & S



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